Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Local Hangout: Noveleta Plaza Café Review

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Upon seeing the café, I really thought it was something else. I'm not sure what it is but I only knew that it was a café when I have asked my grandfather about it. The café was not catchy as well as their signage, the exterior looked dull. If I didn't know that it was a café, I might have mistaken it for an office as it is situated within the town hall plaza. I have been passing by the café numerous times but it was when I was forced to look for somewhere to eat that I have finally decided to try it out. The 5 peso coffee vendo machine on the entrance of the café made me hesitant to try it out because why would they put up a coffee vendo machine if they can serve coffee.


I finally got the nerve to try it although I might disappoint myself, I thought. BUT it exceeded my expectation. From a local café, I wasn't even expecting what's on their menu. What's inside the café makes up for what they lack on their exterior, maybe it's because, inside, there are a lot of portraits of the food in their menu. Nothing can be more appetizing than that and yes, it exceeds what I have been expecting but I'm not saying it is on the same level as some popular or high end café.

What I like about the plaza café?

♥ From where I'm staying in Noveleta Cavite, it's the nearest, pretty decent place to hang out. It's just a few steps away!
♥ There are variety of food.
♥ It is worth every peso you spend when it comes to the amount of food per serving.
♥ For a local shop, the interior is not bad.


If you are looking for pasta, sandwiches or mexican food like nacho and taco, it is definitely the perfect place to dine. During my first visit to the café, I have tried their spaghetti, quesadilla and taco salad. It really is mouth-watering! I have told my cousins about the experience dining in at the plaza café and so I visited back with them. We have tried their panini and strawberry- banana smoothie which is ambrosial.


We all have different taste buds but mine says it's just right. It's sweetness, saltiness and the tangy flavor are balanced. The garlic bread is toasted perfectly, it tasted good too.

♦ Quesadilla:

It is one of my favorites. The cheese and beef filling is flavorful.

♦Taco Salad: 

Basically, there isn't any difference with their taco salad and a regular taco except for the taco shell. This goes to my next favorite because they are just so generous with the serving!

♦ Panini: 

You've got your choice of chicken panini, tuna panini and bacon panini. However, I believe they could improve it, more especially the chicken panini. It is lacking something. It felt like I was eating a white bread with a lady's choice chicken spread! I'm not a fan of their panini.

♦Strawberry- Banana Smoothie: 

It is the BOMB! I love it! It taste natural, although I'm quite not sure if the ingredients are real fruits or just a concentrated syrup.

☺I have been wanting to taste their roast beef sandwich but it is always unavailable. I just hope, the next time I visited the café again, It would be available.
☺I also want to taste their mexican pizza, the portrait of it is quite intriguing!
They also serve rice meals that are perfect for breakfast. Price ranges roughly from Php 60.00 to Php 200.00