Monday, December 1, 2014

Restaurant Review: Le Cou de Tou

Hello Foodies!

Looking for a hangout? A personal favorite is from the Arts Capital of the Philippines! Are you guys getting a hint now? It's in Angono! A municipality in Rizal region, located 30 kilometers east of Manila.
Something interesting is the restaurant's name which is Le Cou de Tou. It seemed french during the first encounter then I realized It sounded "LIKO DITO" , a tagalog word for "turn here". It was hilarious.

Upon the entrance, there is a counter where you can order beverages. My favorite part is the dining area. You will chow down in a nipa hut or " kubo"  in Filipino. My acquaintances and I have been hanging out in Le Cou de Tou numerous times, so we already have a favorite hut near the stage. In the evening, there's live band performances.


The restaurant serves Filipino food. Their house specialty is Budbod. It is a rice dish topped with meat, tomatoes, egg, onion and chives. It is called Budbod because a part of its preparation is to sprinkle the toppings, "to sprinkle" in tagalog means ibudbod. 

In Le Cou de Tou, you can choose the meat that goes with your Budbod. You can either choose beef, pork or tocino (a sweet Filipino breakfast dish made with pork). The best budbod is the mixed one. I liked the taste of their Budbod. It is delicious although it wasn't something extraordinary, maybe because I am so used in eating Filipino food.

They also serve other Filipino food aside from Budbod in which we have also tried but whenever we decided to hit on Le Cou de Tou, our choice will always be Budbod.

Dishes are affordable price starts at Php 60.00


Le Cou de Tou is something I would recommend, not just because of their Budbod but the place itself. It isn't extravagant or lavish but it is cozy. It really is a great hangout with friends. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who's all in for something fancy. 

Just an advice: You may want to make advance reservations for lunch and dinner because it is jam-packed during those hours, especially in the evening and weekends.

Contact number: (02) 470-0383

How to get there:

It maybe difficult to find for the first time because it is inside a subdivision, however you can always ask as it is known in the area.