Thursday, January 16, 2014

Door to Art: Silangan Gardens and Pinto Art Museum Experience

The perfect place to unwind with art and nature. Just a few minutes drive from the metro. 

Silangan Gardens:

The Pinto Art Gallery

I've been to Pinto Art Gallery for a couple of times and it keeps surprising me, every visit keeps me wanting more. It always has something new. Getting inspired is in every corner of the gallery which really amazes me. I don't know much about architecture but I think the gallery's architecture is western type. The ambience of the place is really inviting, its attachment to nature is also a plus.

This lovely lady is my cousin.


Dining in Laya Caf

The whole experience won't be perfect without good ol' food, enjoying the food while glancing at art works surely is satisfying. 

The last time we went there, there was an event, we got lucky and be able to see the part of the gallery that wasn't usually open for public. 

There's also a chapel nearby and trails that leads to the rest of Silangan Gardens.

That guy is my dad :)

The gallery is open Wednesdays to Sundays , 9am to 6pm

Entrance fee ranges Php  100.00 to Php 150.00 ($2.25 - $3.37)

How to get there: