Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Philippines Travel Guide ; Types of Traveler

   There are varieties of traveler who travels for different reasons. Travelers ought to travel for fun, some for relaxation, some for business, some to experience different cuisines and culture and some travels to shop for rare finds. Different travelling personalities are always an issue when it comes in travel planning, the travel experience must sync in with the traveler’s preferences. Knowing your preferences can provide you quality travel experience, it’ll make your experiences unforgettable. It’ll give you satisfaction and you’ll know what to expect for your next journey.

The Usual Types of Traveler

 1.       Adventurous --The Intense Explorer ☺☻☺

The adventurous type of traveler are travelers who love more of the outdoors, they’ll tend to get bored with activities without much of a thrill. 

Activity Suggestions: 
Ø  Water Activities:  o   Flying fish / Banana Boat o   Parasailing o   Helmet Diving o   Island Hopping o   Sailing/ White-water rafting/ Kayaking o   Snorkeling

Remarks: Boracay Island, Bohol and Palawan are well- known for amazing water activities, nevertheless, there’s also a water sports complex in Camarines Sur and Bataan Phillipines. 

Ø  Land- based Activities: o   Mountain Trekking o   Jungle Survival Tours o   Rapelling o Ziplines/ Cable Cars/ Canopy Rides o   Bungee Jumping o   Theme park rides 

Remarks: If you’re more on the nature side, Subic Tree Top Adventure and Danao Adventure Park in Bohol are the best picks in Philippines when it comes to thrill seeking adventures. Theme parks like Enchanted Kingdom, Tagaytay Sky Ranch and Star City offers variety of fun and thrilling rides too, but I do recommend nature trips, you’ll discover a whole lot more.

Additional Suggestion: Some travel agencies also offer paranormal tours in Corregidor Island, Ilocos, Bohol and Baguio City. These paranormal tours will surely give you goose bumps.

2.     Relaxed – The Chill Traveler

The term “Unwind” is what they yearn. This travel personality is the conventional type of traveler; they just go with the typical itineraries.
They’re neither into intense water nor land-based activities; they’d rather book a spa reservation or watch the sunset and stroll by the shore. 

3.     The Food Buff

 During Tours, what excites them are the local delicacies, they’re always on the go when it comes to food, even the most exotic ones. 

Suggestions: Bohol-Virgin Island’s sea urchins, Royal Concourse Restaurant, Cebu; Sugbahan Restaurant, Mandaue Cebu; Ilocano delicacies like: Empanada, Bagnet and Poqui-poqui
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4.       Culture- The Urbane Traveler

The cultural type of traveler craves for art and  history, what interests them are visits to ancestral houses and museums. They are mostly conversant with the natives of certain places.
Suggestions: Vigan Heritage City, Ancestral Houses in Negros, Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite, Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo City, Mactan Shrine in Cebu, Luneta Shrine and  Intramuros, Manila. 

5.    The Shopaholic Traveler

The type of travelers who are delighted with souvenir shops. Either they buy and sell or collect rare finds. This is typical for retail shop owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for business opportunities. However, some just love to shop.