Wednesday, September 24, 2014

First Ever Restaurant Review: Tiolo BBQ • STEAKS • PASTA

Tiolo BBQ • Steaks • Pasta

This is my very first published review and I'm planning to post my other restaurant reviews as well, I decided to do this restaurant review first because we've been eating out to Tiolo for quite some time now and I want to share my Tiolo experience. ☺

by the way, that good-looking guy in the photo is my boyfriend : )

How did I know about Tiolo?

Their sign board was eye-catching and it looks inviting, by the time I went home I browsed some blogs about the restaurant, the reviews was quite good so I included it on my list of restaurants I want to experience. :)

What I liked about Tiolo?

♥ They offer variety of dishes. Pork, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Veggies, you name it!
♥The atmosphere of Tiolo was good; not great but not bad as well. It is just simple, nothing fancy. 
♥ It is affordable for a whole dose of Western Cuisine. The price for main dish ranges from Php70.00 to Php400.00 ($1.57 to $9.00)
♥ The serving was just right to satisfy your tummy.

Taste Verdict

Among their main dishes, I have tried their Baby Back Ribs, Hamburger Steak (which is pretty much Salisbury Steak) and Beef Steak; I've also tried their soups which are cream of mushroom, cream of asparagus and their famous pumpkin soup.

♦  For the Beef Steak it is thumbs up because it is so flavorful and succulent. 
♦ The Baby Back Ribs was too sweet for me and the fat was just so thick, the serving was plentiful though. 
♦ The Hamburger Steak was sweet too, I have to put a lot of Worcestershire sauce because the sweetness was overpowering, it also comes with a mashed potato, however, I didn't like it because it was also sweet and the texture is different, it's not 100% mashed potato I guess.
♦ Among the soups that I have tried I liked the cream of asparagus the most. The cream of mushroom and pumpkin soup are , again, too sweet for me. (BTW prices of soups ranges Php41.00 to Php47.00)

What I did not like about Tiolo?

☻There is an area in there that is quite irksome because of the water droplets from the air-con and mind you it just spills continually. It lessens the coziness of the place. 
☻I was disappointed with their comfort room because it was so disgusting the last time I went there. It was so unsanitary. Though I wasn't sure if it's always like that. 


For someone who loves dishes that are sweet maybe you'll enjoy eating out at Tiolo, but for someone like me, I'm into something savory, the best picks are beef dishes. However, I haven't tried their seafood and pasta yet. Maybe next time it's going to be the next dishes I'm going to try as I want to update this review when I finally get to try the other dishes I haven't tried. 
Here's their menu:

Tiolo is located in Antipolo City,Rizal few walks away from Unciano Hospital and Mc Donald's. I love the location because it is very accessible and you can see it right away. It is situated on the main road if you are coming from Ynares Center to Shopwise Antipolo or vice versa. 

How to get to there:

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Check out their FB page: Click here
They are open 10am to 10pm