Thursday, October 2, 2014

Superferry Ride

Superferry 5

Hey Readers! 

I want to share my Superferry experience. It was my first ship ride. We joined a tour and it includes the Superferry's On Board Learning Program via Superferry 5 , travelling from Manila to Cebu. I thought it will be boring because it will be hours of travelling by water and I might catch motion sickness but I WAS WRONG!

Superferry provides different accommodations that can suit your preferences. The type of accommodation that we have tried was their tourist accommodation. 

What I liked about Tourist Accommodation?

♥ It was comfortable enough, I felt a sense of privacy compared to their super value and mega value accommodations. 
♥ The common toilet and bathroom is clean, it has hot & cold showers, wash area was nice too.
♥ Housekeeping is always on the go.
♥ We are bound to Cebu which takes only a day, so it's just right for a short stay.

Here's what to expect:

Types of Accommodation

• Super Value Accommodation

* Non air-conditioned section
* Bunk beds
* Common toilet & bath
* Pillows and complete set of linens are available for rent.

• Mega Value Accommodation

* Air-conditioned section
* Bunk beds
* Common toilet and bath
Tourist Accomodation
* Pillows and complete set of linens are available for rent

• Tourist Accomodation

* Air-conditioned section
* Bunk beds with partition
* Common toilet and bath
* Pillows are provided
* Complete set of linens are available for rent

• Cabins

* Air-conditioned quarters
* Bunk beds
* Cable television
* Private toilet and bath
* Pillows and complete set of linens are provided

•State Rooms

* Air-conditioned room
* Either 1 matrimonial bed or 2 single beds
* Receiving area
* Cable television
* Private toilet & bath
* Towels, pillows and complete set of linens are provided


Island Fiesta
You can choose eating out to either Island Fiesta or Horizon Cafe. It is thumbs-up for their food handling. I saw it myself that they strictly follow sanitary guidelines in preparing and serving the food. 
They serve Filipino food, don't expect much as the taste is quite the usuals, nothing abberant. 

Amenities and Facilities

Horizon Cafe, Island Fiesta, Convenience Stores , Parlor, Clinic, Sun Deck, Lobby, Multi-Purpose Room, Common Restrooms, Common Wash Area, Karaoke, Front Desk, Charging Area

What to bring for a no hassle experience?

Medicine for motion sickness, it would be so bummer if you'll get sea-sick during the whole ship experience. You need to be dizzy-free because honestly there are times that you will literally feel the ship is swaying. I recommend Bonamine (Meclizone). It must be the reason why I didn't catch motion sickness, so Hooray for Bonamine! 

Extra munchies, in our tour, breakfast, lunch and dinner was inclusive BUT I would recommend bringing some snacks. There are stores in the ship, however, the prices of goods are insanely high. 

Jacket, during night time it gets too cold, and I would also suggest bringing your own blanket, although complete set of linens can be rented, it is too thin.

Pros and Cons of Travelling by Water


☺ It is fun. Seeing sunrise and sunset is perfect. Dolphins are seen early in the morning. You can enjoy some scenery from the nearby islands.
☺ There are amenities and facilities that can make your trip less hassle.


☻ It takes time to reach your destination. 
☻ Prices of goods are higher than the usual.
☻ It's not the best option if you've got motion sickness.

Over-all experience

It was great and I would love to experience Superferry again. I haven't took enough snapshots the last time, so maybe next time I will. I also received some freebies from Superferry, it was a shirt and a jacket. It's definitely a must-try! 

FYI: Superferry is under 2Go Travel and there has been changes regarding the name of some of the vessels. For other details about Superferry Click Here
Rates depends on the vessel or if they've got promos, it would be better to check out their website. If you want to book tickets, rates, promotions, check accommodations, the schedules and destinations Click Here