Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Food Review: Marina's Special Bibingka, Rosario Cavite

Holiday season is coming! I bet you guys have been eyeing Bibingka! I'll recommend a place where you can buy the oh-so-yummy delicacy. I'm sure some readers can relate to bibingka but for some who doesn't know, let me spill some information about Bibingka.

What is Bibingka?

Bibingka is a Filipino rice cake made from rice flour and coconut milk, there are also other variations.The bibingka's texture is soft and spongy. It is usually served on a charred banana leaf, as it gives an additional flavor. My favorite part is the toppings, grated coconut (niyog) and the slices of salted egg.

Haven't added the grated coconut yet.

What I liked about Marina's Bibingka?

I have been eating bibingka ever since I was a kid and the bibingka from Marina's is just the best ever bibingka for me, so far. Their bibingka made me set a standard when it comes to bibingka. I loved it because it is soft, moist and buttery. The topping is so delightful, there's a lot of it on top of the bibingka which balances the taste. It is not so sweet, the salted egg and melted cheese compliments the bibingka. It's a great companion to coffee or tea. Another good thing is that Marina's Bibingka is available all-year-round, hooray! I would definitely recommend it. You should add this to your must-try list! 

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For orders, you can call or text them at: 

0908-536-8716 or 0949-667-3047


It is located in Marseilla, Rosario Cavite, few walks away from the church. As long as you see the plaza you'll know you're near. The location is on the innermost area beside the plaza. Marina's Special Bibingka is well-known by locals and other tourists, you can always ask. 

How to get there:

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Note: I thought it was Aling Luding's Bibingka, I have updated this blog and changed it to Marina's Special Bibingka. I do apologize. I ordered boxes of bibingka there yesterday to make it sure. It was still thumbs up for their bibingka, Marina's Special Bibingka. 

Price is Php 240.00 per box